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Updated: 04/01/2015

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Announcing the 2016 Regional Gathering (DAMNations 29)

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Registration for the RG


If you are registering by Mail, you must download a copy of the Announcement and Registration Flier as an Adobe PDF, complete the form and mail it with your payment in order to be registered and take advantage of the price discounts.


If you are using our On-Line Registration, you must complete the registration form and submit your payment through PayPal in order to be registered and take advantage of the price discounts.


If you're going to register and pay at the door on the day of the RG, then you don't need to pre-register.


You also may want to read our articles on What's the RG About and the RG Food, and the RG also has its own Facebook Page.

The Fun

Dayton's famous 24-hour Hospitality Suite has the sweets and the eats. Cards and board games, tournaments, trivia, pick up games.

Past RG Photos

Photos of Events, including the 2015 RG, are available on the Event Photo Galleries Page.

2013 RG Article

Read the Past RG article, "What an RG!" on the successes and participants' comments on the 2013 Regional Gathering

Location for 2016


To Be Announced


Important RG Information


Planning for the 2016 RG are under way! April 1-3, 2016! The venue has not yet been finalized but you can still make plans to attend.


It's time to socialize. As a frequent RG-attendee, both here in Dayton and in other local groups, it's time to hang out with my friends and to make some new ones. I met some of those friends at earlier Dayton RGs-including my first one. DAMNations attendees will run the gamut of demographics: age, careers, work status, health, politics. There isn't a single "type of person" who goes to RGs-there are all sorts of types-and this is a great time to meet some of them.


An RG is also time for learning and absorbing. There's a separate article about the programs at the RG, so that will tell you more about what this year's RG will offer. For many people, the programs (watch that schedule!) are the highlight of the RG-and this one promises to offer lots of variety.


It's time to play! There will be scheduled card and board game tournaments where you can compete. There will also be open play with a wide variety of games. There are four bins of games in our basement that belong to Region 3, and it's time for them to come out of the bins and get used!


It's time to eat. It's always time to eat at an RG, if you want to. My freezer and pantry currently indicate that there will be a lot of sweet treats, but we're planning plenty of salty and savory snacks as well as five meals of "real" food.


It's 5:00 somewhere-and that means it's time for a bever. We'll have plenty of beer, wine, and alcopops for those who are interested in them. There were will be soft drinks for those who prefer them, and coffee and tea for those who prefer hot drinks.


From Friday 3/27 at 3:00 until around noon on Sunday 3/29, it's time for a party!


Is it your first RG?


If DAMNations 29 will be your first RG, you might have some questions about what to bring and what to expect.

So, in no particular order, here are some useful tidbits:

When you get to the hotel, registration will be in the atrium.

Dress is casual. Most people wear jeans, but you're free to wear anything you're comfortable in.

All food and beverages are included. You won't need any money beyond the registration fee (currently $75 if you register on-line or at the door)

Registering on-line helps the Hospitality team know how much food to buy, but we love our walk-ins, too!

The hotel has an indoor pool, so feel free to bring your swimsuit.

Hospitality opens at 3:00 Friday afternoon. There will be heavy snacks available from then until the RG closes Sunday early afternoon.

Friday night dinner will be 7:00-8:30.

There will be a program book with information about the scheduled programs and speakers. (Some of that information will start appearing on the website soon)

The Kids Room is right off of the atrium so it'll be possible to have adult conversation and know exactly where your kids are.

We'll have homemade bowls for the ice cream social.

Information about the program and the menu is being dribbled out on the DAMNations facebook page (

Coloring books are not just for children.

You can register on line or by contacting Karren Lehman at

For those considering taking advantage of our Free Friday deal, contact Karren Lehman at to register. This offer is open only to members of Dayton Area Mensa and their immediate families who have not been to Mensa sponsored events, meetings, or Gatherings in the last 5 years.

It's always okay to ask to join a conversation or a game. Yes, it seems as if many people know each other-and they do. But they want to know you, too!

We hope to see you at the RG!


Gearing up for "Get Your Geek On" has led to a lineup of stimulating speakers and entertaining programs. The weekend will be filled with new things mingled in with the traditional favorites. Here is a sampling of what is to come.


What do M's like to do? Eat of course!


Courtney Robbins will grace us with "Filipino Cuisine." Enjoy a wonderful opportunity to learn a new recipe and observe the mechanics of creating the dish.

"Appet Easy ers Anyone" brought to you by Tamara Werno. Gather round and watch how to throw together tasty treats in a pinch that will leave them wanting more.

Cheri Fecher Riggs brings us "Gluten Free Me" all about gluten free living, the choice vs. the mandate, altering recipes, wheat alternatives, lifestyle change and the benefit of the current fad to celiac sufferers.

Wendy Wolpert Dewitt, master gardener, brings us "GMO." Find out what it means to you, your health and the American Farmer.


Sober, informative and necessary; topics of interest as we age and sometimes earlier


"Thanks for the Dance" by Fred Abrams; a grief recovery book written by him and his wife. This is a touching story and helpful guidance.

Attorney Lisa Rothwell will present an informative talk on "Estate Planning" that will include information on wills and other necessities. A handout will be provided to take home.

"Ohio Arboreal" by Peter Torvik, PhD will cover indigenous species, identification, pest problems, suitable residential selections and shrubbery to compliment and fill in the gaps.


Spiritual Stimulation


"Prose Addiction" - Greg Simms Jr will share his experience and love of words. Listen down the path of self publication through modern platforms and social media. Blogs, articles and short stories-Oh my!

Globetrotting due Charlie Bruce & Terry Grahm will enchant us with "Asian Island Cruise." Join us for the tale of adventure as they cruised Malaysia and Indonesia. This ain't your uncle's vacation slide show folks.

"Drink & Design" is a new program that mimics a popular activity here in Dayton. Grab your favorite adult beverage of choice and join us for an evening of artistic expression. Can't paint? Doesn't matter. Put your soul into a creation that may not win any art awards but it will make you smile. Pick up a brush or revert to when you were 5 years old and use your fingers because we're here for fun.

(This program will require pre-registration to insure adequate supplies.)

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